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Why Worm Castings?

Worm castings are often referred to as "black gold"!  They are nature's own organic fertilizer, with transformative power for your soil.


Castings are brimming with beneficial microorganisms, enzymes, and essential nutrients. This means they can enhance soil structure, improve water retention, and boost plant immunity.

Tell Me More!

These nutrient-rich castings are the  work of  worms.  They break down organic matter (microgreen root systems & Bunny berries) into a potent elixir for plant growth.

What sets these worm castings apart is not just their potency, but their origin in a commitment to sustainable and chemical-free farming practices.


Castings are a simple, natural solution that promotes the health of your plants while respecting the delicate balance of the soil.


Welcome the richness of the earth into your garden with worm castings—a humble yet powerful contribution to the vitality of your house plants, vegetable and flower gardens. 

Image by Nature Uninterrupted Photography


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