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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we are asked the most regarding our microgreens - if you dont see your question here, please reach out to us!

  • How do I eat these?
    We incorporate microgreens into most of our meals. They are great as salad greens, mixed with other salad greens, added to stir-fries, sandwiches, side dishes and smoothies. Please see our Pintrest board for inspiration. We also encourage you to share you favorites on our Facebook page to help inspire others.
  • How long do the microgreens last?
    We deliver your microgreens within 24 hours of harvest - giving you the freshest microgreens. We have seen microgreens last 2 weeks or more when kept in an air tight container in the refrigerator.
  • Are your microgreens organic?
    We use only non-GMO seed and do not use any pestisides, herbisides nor any chemical fertilizers. In order to say our microgreens are organic - we would need to go through the certification process.
  • What days do you deliver?
    Currently we deliver on Mondays.
  • Why do you only offer subscriptions?
    Subscriptions ensure the freshest most afforable microgreens possible. Each grow cycle is approximately 10 days, and this model ensures the right amount of microgreens are grown and harvested at the optimal time and promptly delivered. By reducing waste, we are able to pass the cost savings directly to you.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    If you would like a custom order, please reach out to us and we can see how we can accommodate your request.
  • Can I pick up my microgreens?
    Please reach out to us if you do not want your order delivered to your door and we can coorginate a pick-up location.
  • Are buckwheat microgreens safe to consume?
    Buckwheat contains a powerful anti-oxidant— rutin. However, it also contains fagopyrin which when consumed in large quantities can cause photosensitivity. We encourage you to be an informed consumer regarding your health and nutrition. Please do your own research and decide. If you prefer not to include buckwheat in your microgreens order - we can accommodate that so please reach out. One person shared their personal experience with consuming large amounts of buckwheat greens via juicing. You can find his thoughts here:
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