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Friendly, Intelligent & Loyal 

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Goldendoodles ~ Spring 2025

Are you ready to welcome a new bundle of joy into your home? At Rogers Legacy Farms, we take pride in offering  puppies that are not just pets but cherished members of the family. Our commitment to responsible breeding and exceptional care sets us apart in the world of designer doodles.

Reserve Your Spot!

We have 8 spots open!

A deposit guarantees your choosing spot for a puppy from Rogers Legacy Farms. Your choosing spot is based on the date your deposit is received. The sooner your deposit is in, the greater the chance you will get your choice puppy.

If the remaining choices are not for you, you can choose to have your deposit be applied to a different litter. If no one has put a deposit down on the next litter, you would have the first choice of the available pups from that litter.

Choices are made 6 weeks from the puppies birthdate and puppies will go home at 8 weeks, after their vet checks.

Deposit for this litter is $250.00, that will be deducted from the total cost of $2,500.

*Minimum of 6 reservations must be made for breeding to move forward.  If there are not at least 6 when breeding time draws near, your depost will be refunded. 


Image by Jonathan Singer

Thanks For Reserving Your Spot!

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Our Puppy Package

How our puppies are top quality.


Family Raised


Our  puppies are nurtured in the warmth of our home, surrounded by love, laughter, and the pitter-patter of little feet.


We believe in creating a family atmosphere from the very start, ensuring your new companion is well-socialized, happy, and ready to thrive in their forever home


Small Batch

Quality over quantity is our motto. Unlike impersonal puppy mills, we focus on small batch designer litters, allowing us to devote personalized attention to each puppy.


This ensures that every little one receives the care and socialization they need to become a loving companion.


Go home Kit


Your puppy will arrive home with all the essentials!


From toys to a leash, bowls to a crate, and even potty training bells – we've got everything covered. We're dedicated to making your puppy parenting journey seamless and enjoyable. (Value: $500)



Health and Safety: Our Labradoodle puppies are microchipped, declaws removed, and undergo regular worming and vaccinations. Your pup's well-being is our top priority, and we spare no effort in ensuring they start their life with a clean bill of health. (Value: $300)


Genetic Testing


Each pup undergoes genetic testing for breed and health checks, ensuring you receive a healthy and happy addition to your family. (Value: $200)


Well Socialized 


Our puppies are not just raised with love; they are exposed to the joyous chaos of family life, interacting with children and other pets. This enriching environment fosters a well-rounded personality, making them the perfect addition to any family dynamic.


No Spay/Neuter Contract

Research is divided on if and when to spay/neuter: Before 6 months, after 2 years or not at all - thus we empower you to choose what is best for your dog. 


No spay/neuter contract, allowing you to make the best choice for your pup's future  (Value: $3,000)


grooming Perks

For the first 12 months, enjoy complimentary grooming sessions when you bring your pup to Rogers Legacy Farms. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing us and ensuring your puppy is always looking and feeling their best. (Value: $900) 

We Can Confidently Say These Doodles:

  • Are fantastic companions for families and individuals alike. 

  • Have hypoallergenic coats - Low to no shedding

  • Have charming personalities and bring joy and warmth to any home.

  • Are playful and adaptable to lounging or playing hard.

  • Quickly create lasting bonds with their owners & become cherished members of the family.

  • We spend a lot of time with our puppies, so we are happy to tell you about their individual personalities.

Meet Our Doodles

Both doodles will take ALL the pets you will give but are just as happy to lay by your feet.  Daisey loves to go on runs and Penny loves to retrieve. 



Labradoodle (F2b)



Goldendoodle (F2b)

Doodles are known for their endearing mix of affection, intelligence & low to non shedding coats!


We were skeptical at first - would they really be friendly? (We knew some poodles and they were grumpy)...Would they really NOT shed?  (totally thought this was a marketing ploy)

Were they really smart? Or were they ditzy - More form than function...

We decided to give them a try... but of course couldn't decide between a labradoodle or goldendoodle so we got one of each.


After having our girls for over 2 years, we can say all the hype is TRUE!


They are some of the best dogs we have met.  They are incredibly intelligent, friendly to new people and loyal (you can feel their love for you).

They are gentle with littles and yet are up for playing (or running) hard.  They love lounging near and greeting new people. 


They DO NOT SHED! After years of owning a lab, I am amazed at how little i need to vacuum. Seriously. No more dust bunnies of dog hair.

Have Questions?!

Give us a call  (262) 235-2675


We pair for high-quality temperament and coat in our breeding program.


Our puppies are well socialized (IN OUR HOME) and comfortable with grooming.


Our puppies are started on basic commands and crate training. 


With every purchase, We donate to

K9s For Warriors

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