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Meet The Micros

Broccoli Microgreen.png


In all our collections

Oh, the renowned broccoli microgreens!  These guys offer an amazing amount and variety of vitamins, micro, and macro nutrients. 

Speckled Pea Microgreen.jpg

Speckled Peas

In all our collections

Speckled Peas taste like sugar snap peas without any stringy pea pods! They are crisp, tender, and mild - great in salads and stirfry.

radish microgreen.jpg


In Core + Spicy and The Works Collections

Radish is the perfect way to blend a bit of spice into your salad, side dishes or sandwiches.  They are milder than a mature radish with tender cripsness.

Buckwehat Microgreen.png


In all our collections

Buckwheat is in the same family as rhubarb. It contains the powerful antioxidant - rutin but also fagopyrin - let us know if you want a substitute.

Sunflower microgreen.jpg


Bonus item we include if it grows well

Sunflowers are delicious - the perfect combination of crunch and nutty flavor... but they are temperamental to grow. you get them as a bonus when they grow well!

basic salad microgreen.jpg

Basic Salad Mix

In The Works Collection

This mix contains broccoli, arugula, cabbage, kohlrabi, and kale. This is a great way to add vegetable variety to your soup, salad & sandwich.

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